The World Of Interiors - Magazine Feature 

Issue - In Stitches 

Published March 2019 

'Isabella Keziah is a woven textiles designer who promotes the ever-growing conscious consumer. Sustainability is of high importance within her practice as she focuses on a zero-waste concept and a growing development of plant based fibres. Each bespoke tapestry is handcrafted allowing her designs to be completely unique.'

Scarlet Opus - Blog Post 

'I was particularly interested in Isabella’s project and how she was able to promote the ever-growing conscious consumer. She has a deep understanding of the importance of a products journey, where it began its life, how it was crafted and ultimately where it will end up. Each product has its own story and Isabella looks to promote this through sustainable design concepts. Her project ‘Living Textiles’ focuses on sustainable plant based fibres which are naturally hand dyed from waste fruit and vegetables. The fibre lengths are designed to naturally change over time and will continue to live and grow off the loom; the natural bleaching from sunlight with change the colour over time; adding to its story. This collection is 100% vegan friendly and focuses on a non-waste concept.'

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Laura Greenwood

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