Empty Silhouettes

This collection was a collaboration with Oxfam whilst Isabella Keziah was studying at The University of Huddersfield. The project was to reuse, recycle and reclaim garments that Oxfam could not sell on.


Empty silhouettes is a collective of expressions, expressed through fibres. It started as an exploration of the feelings we tend to suppress as humans and a way we can release or comfort them. But soon developed into a collection of memories translated through the use of deconstructed fibres. 

Focusing on 'loss' Keziah deconstructed the garments back to their original sourced threads in order to re-weave them into new designed cloth. Whilst she experimented with the thoughts of loss Keziah linked them with memory. Where have these clothes come from? Who has worn these clothes? What have these clothes been through? What have these clothes seen? Keziah started to ask herself these questions and began to spiral into the garments journey. Creating stories in her head for each Shirt, Top, Tie..etc. 

As she started to create these stories she began to embroider silhouettes onto the surfaces of the newly woven cloth, capturing the raw emotion that hides behind each journey. Overall creating a collection of memories which at the beginning were not hers but she became their voice and they became part of her story. 

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