Himalayan salt rocks



There are some major benefits to having Himalayan salt rock in your home.

  • Balance's Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • Cleanse's, Deodorize's, and Purifies Air.
  • Calm's Allergies and Reduce's Asthma.
  • Alleviate's Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold.
  • Boost's Blood Flow.
  • Raise's Energy Levels.
  • Sharpen's Concentration and Performance.
  • Enhance Mood.


You can get himalayan salt rock's in many different forms for the home like lamps, candle holders, but hanging some in little macrame cradles is a unique way to decorate your home. 


Each cradle is handmade from 2mm natural cotton cord using traditional macrame techniques to secure the rock in place. Each rock is also approx between 3-5cm. Length of the Macrame cradle is approx 19cm - This can be customised if you have a place in mind and need a longer drop. 


I am happy to customise order if you are wanting to incorporate more than one rock or change design. Send me an email and I will get back to you. 


The cotton is 100% natural meaning -  no hidden plastic, no chemicals used to treat or dye the fibres. It is completely organic. Which means it is also biodegradable so if it ever finds itself thrown into landfill there will be no everlasting damage on the environment as it will begin to break down. 


All my Himalayan salt rock is sourced from Cornwall, UK.


Vegan and eco-friendly 


Please note: keep your himalayan salt rock away from pets 

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