Naturally dyed cotton macrame wall hanging

Naturally dyed cotton macrame wall hanging


A blend of organic cotton naturally dyed using vegetables and fruits hand knotted together to create this one of a kind tapestry wall hanging. Only plant based fibres have been used to make this hanging meaning its vegan friendly.

I use branches that have naturally fallen from trees or driftwood found on local beaches. Giving nature a new life and showing others its natural beauty. 


Perfect for any living interior or as a gift to a home decor lover. 


Please note:

Remember this hanging is designed to age with you due to the nature of natural dying. 

If placed in direct sunlight the natural colours will be bleached overtime.

No chemicals were used in the dying process.

All un-used yarns were collected and recycled into coasters reasuring my practice is following a zero-waste concept. 


Height - 75cm

Width - 20cm


Fallen for its natural charms but looking for a personal design? I am available for commissions and custom orders if you are looking for alternative colours and sizes. 

Interested in my natural vegan process? Email any questions you have or projects you want me to work on. I am always happy to help. 


Please note: All materials are sourced in the UK. 

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