Living Textiles

Isabella Keziah's collection Living Textiles was intricately developed to educate her audience of the ever-growing damaging actions us humans continuously make, which ultimately results in harming our beautiful environment and all that lives in it... including us. Keziah went on an experimental journey expanding her practice and her own thoughts of sustainable design. Using only plant based fibres and focusing on a zero-waste concept she created a new trend 'Living Textiles'. 100% vegan friendly, Plant based fibres naturally dyed by hand using wasted vegetables and fruits to create subtle mesmerising colours that you wont believe were naturally developed without the use of chemicals and ultimately the damaging affects they have. A trend which is designed to continue growing and ageing with you even after it leaves the loom. 

Influenced by nature itself her collection was inspired by the textures and sounds you discover at the beach. Her work replicates the movement of the water after studying the crashing waves and intricate movement at several of her local beaches. She would record the sounds and play them back when she was weaving to see how the recordings would influence her in a different environment such as her studio. Incorporating raffia into her weaves so that when her work is touched and crumpled by hand you can hear the sound of the ocean echoing through it. 

The ocean plays a big part in Keziah's work as she spends hours researching and reflecting on her designs there. When you are stood at the edge of the water looking at where the sky meets the sea there is a sense of mystery. This is what interests Keziah the most. The hidden depths of the ocean translates through her work in the colours and textures she infuses. 

Keziah wants to share her passion of the ocean and marine life with others to educate them on what our waste is doing to the oceans that we should be looking after. After all we only have one planet, there's no going back once we have destroyed this world that we live in. We need to make a changes now not then. 

This collection was part of her Final Major Project whilst studying at the University Of Huddersfield in 2018. 

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